Track. Learn. Predict. React.

Powerful analytics, designed to help you understand and improve your Twitter account.

  • Track – account data visualised across informative dashboards
  • Learn – detailed analysis of account performance
  • Predict – identification of trends and results
  • React – actionable insight to grow audience and engagement.

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Twitter analytics, but upgraded.

Twitter accounts produce masses of meta-data, but it is rarely used to its full potential. Arcade Metrics plugs directly into your account’s data feed. The result? Powerful analytics that give you a competitive edge.

What can Arcade Metrics do for me?

Founders and CEOs

  • Quickly evaluate the performance of your social media marketing.
  • Add social data to value and growth hypothesis testing.
  • Demonstrate the size, reach and value of your community to investors.


  • Measure your social influence and understand your true reach.
  • Track and improve the growth of your community over time.
  • Validate the strength of your social network to partners and sponsors.

Marketing Teams

  • Quickly build a valuable marketing asset with sizeable audience.
  • Evaluate and streamline your social strategy against hard metrics.
  • Showcase the results of your work to internal stakeholders.

Track and monitor

Review key metrics over time with live analytics. Data is segmented into three key areas – connections, output and engagement. Dashboards feature a comprehensive set of metrics, including specially built indicators not found on Twitter’s native dashboard.

Evaluate with precision

Keep an eye on your account’s health score, measured against industry benchmarks. Whatever your account size, identify core strengths and weaknesses, making sure scores are improving over time.

Engage efficiently

Access customised lists of the best accounts for you to engage with. Quickly increase your account’s visibility, build connections and improve engagement.

Diagnose and prescribe

Identify account issues and review suggested fixes, ranked by priority. Once metrics improve, new suggestions are made until your account is in perfect standing.

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What our users say...

“An incredible analytics tool, that will give you the edge if you’re a data geek and want to improve your Twitter profile”.

Adam Savage@AdamSavage. Host, podcaster, producer.

“It allows me to clearly explain the value of investing in social media to the team, with the dashboards helping to put a monetary value on the work we do”.

James Dance@drinkrelaxplay. Founder of Loading Bar.

“Arcade Metrics is a winner. Beautiful and informative dashboards that are incredibly insightful, giving you a strategic advantage on Twitter”.

Michele Hsu@revgabba. Founder of the Scrappy MarTech newsletter.

“The dashboards look awesome, provide a high level of detail about your Twitter activity, and offer actionable tips based on your stats”.

Bruno Raljic@brunoraljic. Creator of the TW500 newsletter course.

Custom built dashboards and proprietary metrics

Arcade Metrics takes your Twitter analytics data and processes it into three distinct categories: Connections, Output and Engagement. Your data is then visualised across a series of dashboards, specially designed for Twitter analytics. Each dashboard is designed to bring key metrics together in one place, providing insight to your account’s status.

Arcade Metrics then reviews your analytics and gives you specific direction on how to improve your account. Part of this process is the provision of Twitter account lists, tailor made for you, which show which accounts will create the best value through engagement.

The metrics featured on Arcade Metrics include specially designed indicators that are not available via Twitter’s own analytics interface. These provide deeper insight into your account. Included are Follower Growth RateFollower ChurnAverage engagements per Impression, and many others.

New client promotion

Sign up today for 30 days free access, discounted subscription rates and exclusive new client benefits.

Exclusive benefits

  • Free access – we think you’ll love Arcade Metrics, so we’re providing free access for 30 days. If it’s not for you, no problem as there’s no contract, no payment is taken and no credit card is needed.
  • 75% off ongoing access – If you decide it’s for you, subscription rates are locked for a whole year at £7.50 / $10 USD per month, reduced from the standard price of £30 / $40 USD per month.
  • Twitter analytics guide – detailed tutorial on how the smart use of metrics can supercharge your Twitter strategy.
  • Introductory video call – One to one call with an Arcade Metrics founder to help you get set up and answer any questions.
  • Early access – new dashboards or tools we’re developing will be offered to you ahead of general release.
  • Free upgrades – when new Twitter dashboards or tools are made available for purchase, you will always get these added to your account for free.
  • New social platforms – Client discounts for adding extra social platforms (coming soon).
  • Direct line to developers – offer feedback and make requests for new metrics and tools you’d like to see on the dashboards.

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We believe that if you’re going to use social media for business, analytics should be a cornerstone of your strategy. Our mission to create social media growth for our users through powerful, intuitive analytics.

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