Identify and influence your community

Arcade Metrics uses social network analytics to help you define your desired community on Twitter and then become a prominent member within it.

Helping you create influence in the right community.

Who is Arcade Metrics for?

It is for Twitter users who want to build a valuable network and increase their authority within their chosen community.

What challenges might they have?

Accurately defining the community they want to be part of, identifying the right accounts to connect with, and knowing how to get their attention.

How does Arcade Metrics help?

It help users create influence through targeted community discovery, increasing their profile visibility and optimised engagement.

“If you’re dedicated to raising your profile in your community, this will give you the edge “

@AdamSavage (11,600 followers) – event host, presenter, podcaster and producer.

Do you initiate, respond or listen?

Whether you prefer to produce content, react and engage with others, or just sit back and listen. Everyone is part of the conversation on Twitter.

However, if you use Twitter for professional purposes, you need to be on top of your game and take an active role in your community.

What can you do with Arcade Metrics?

01   Define and discover

Use targeted search criteria to define your community. Then create a definitive, but always updating, ranked list of account profiles.

02   Identify key players

Segment the different types of accounts in your chosen community; from influential figures (generating high engagement) through to super fans (giving high attention).

03   Understand your influence

Calculate your account’s authority within your current network and your desired community using specially cerated scoring systems.

04   Raise your profile

Suggested connections and actions that will give your account a higher chance of being discovered by your target community and provide high-value reciprocal engagement.


05   Monitor results

Use account metrics to track your progress over time as you increase your network and build influence within your target community.

Why use Arcade Metrics?

With limited hours in the day to build your profile on Twitter, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts.

Arcade Metrics saves you time and energy. By removing the guesswork, every connection you make and action you take has the highest probability of success.

How does it work?

Social network analytics, authority score algorithms, machine learning and a lot of data processing.

Using follow-back techniques or buying followers is the wrong way to build your profile on Twitter. Churning out content links or retweets doesn't work either. And the same goes for spam replying to influential accounts. It's time to do things differently.


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